Find extra FINANCIAL SUPPORT for your projects through creative and high-quality partnerships

Financial investments are a big support for creators and organisations in delivering successful projects. Creative partnerships with brands or companies can be an important source of income. But finding partners takes time and energy that you as a creator would rather spend in making high-quality content. Famework gathers brands and content creators on one platform to make the search a lot easier.

You decide what is possible

Creating high-quality content comes first for you as a creator. The brands that you reach have to match and add value to your project. That is why Famework will put you in control of your matches. You determine what the ingredients are for your ideal partnerships, so our matching engine can show you leads you can actually work with.


Warm contacts

All brands on our platform are open to creative partnerships with content creators and organisations. They also tell us what they are looking for, so you will only see brands that match your organisation and the content you create.


Creativity & inspiration

We constantly hunt for interesting brands and provide you or your team with inspiration to get started. You don’t have to go looking for brands yourself, so you can spend your time working on the creative part of the collaboration.


Carefully planned

As soon as you have shared the necessary information about your project, our matching engine can be turned on. This will help you to start your search for partners in time, so you will have enough time to create an interesting partnership.


Curious about the matches for your projects?

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