How do I start working with Famework?


Before accessing the Famework platform, we would like to become acquainted. We need to know your needs in order to personalise your account at the start-up stage. You will get a customized quotation and a login to get started and get to know Famework. Your contact person will advise you throughout the process. He/she will answer all your questions and serve your needs


Add one or more brands

Via your account you can create brand index cards. We need a few words about your brand and will ask you what you are looking for. Your matches will immediately know who you are. Who is your target group? What type of brand integration are you looking for? With this valuable information, our algorithm starts searching your perfect match.


Discover matches

Your account will only reveal relevant matches. Thanks to the criteria that were specified in the content, you will learn more about it and you can see what would be relevant for you.


Get in touch

Are you interested in a specific match? Please contact via the platform the person in charge for the content. Together you can find a way to turn the match into a deal. All communication with matches will be stored, with an orderly layout, in your inbox or archive.


Start a co-operation

Can you come to a deal? Famework offers you the possibility to involve extra partners that need to be involved in the decision process. Your creative or media agency can join on the platform and think along to reach a successful brand integration. 


Are you anxious to know how the Famework platform operates? Or are you curious about your brand options? See the demo to discover how easy it is and how you can get the most out of it.