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Reaching the right audience by creating interesting content or advertisements is not simple. The user carefully chooses the entertainment that interests them and your message is likely to disappear in the content clutter. Content partnerships can help you to reach your target audience by putting your brand or product ín the content they consume. Together with the content creator, you can tell one story that your audience can’t miss.

You decide what is possible

You are in control of your matches. You tell us what your brand stands for and determine what the ingredients are for your ideal partnerships. Our matching engine selects content that fits your brand and preferences, and you need only one click to connect to the projects that interest you the most.


Warm contacts

All content creators on our platform are open to creative partnerships with brands. They also share their needs and expectations regarding their projects. So you can be sure that collaborations are possible with all content presented to you.


Inspiration & creativity

We constantly hunt for interesting projects and provide you or your team with inspiration to get started. You don’t have to go looking for content yourself, so you can spend your time working on the creative part of the collaboration.


Filter & plan

Our filters help you to browse through your matches. Are you looking for projects within a certain time frame? Content creators tell us when you can expect your brand to be in the spotlights, so you can carefully plan your marketing campaigns.


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