Giving brands a stage


Thanks to Famework, brands and content makers can easily find each other. Only high-quality matches can lead to successful brand integrations. We start from your specific expectations regarding data analysis, financial return and international possibilities.


Each brand pursues 'fame'. Due to a changing media landscape or consumption, the importance of brand integration in the marketing mix of a brand increases. However, there is a need for a more efficient approach: this is the focus of Famework.


Brands are essential for contentmakers, as a partner or sponsor of their projects. But how can both parties find each other? How can a partnership create value? How can a match be turned into a deal? Famework supports both parties with the necessary expertise.


Now is your perfect chance to turn the spotlight on your brand. Not only local brands, multinationals and advertising agencies but also brand activation agencies and media buyers can find a match at Famework thanks to the high-quality content that aims at the right target audience.


Strengthen your content through brand- or product integration. We have a match for everyone: production companies, sports clubs, influencers, festivals and events, theatre producers, publishing industry...