Giving brands a stage


Famework makes sure that brands and content makers can find each other. Only good matches can lead to successful brand integration. The wishes and requirements regarding data analysis, financial return and international possibilities are taken into account.


Each brand aims for 'fame', publicity with your target group. Because of a changing media landscape and consumption, brand integration is becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix of a brand. But there is a need for an efficient approach: that is the focus of Famework.


For content makers, brands are crucial as partner or sponsor of a project. But how can both parties meet? How to add value? How to turn a match into a deal? Famework will provide the necessary support.


How can I access the Famework platform?

You will receive a personalised account corresponding to your needs. But we like to meet first. Please submit your personal data and we will contact you asap.

What is the difference between Famework and other platforms?

Famework is a one-of-a-kind tool. No other platform is bringing brands and content together from such a wide variety of sectors.

How does Famework work?

Our matching engine will start searching for relevant matches. Your brand will receive content based on criteria and keywords you have provided yourself. This is essential to find your target group. As a content maker you will get access to brands that fit your format and can become an extra financing source. After a great match, we will guide you to a successful brand integration.

Why use Famework?

Famework is effective and efficient both for brands and content. On the one hand we offer targeted brand- & product integration with which you as a brand reach your target group. On the other hand, we offer a solution for the funding need of content makers. We also facilitate the whole decision process between brands, content makers and their involved partners.