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Matched quickly

Famework connects you to fitting partners in no time. Tell us what your brand or content represents and what type of partnerships you are looking for. Our smart algorithms will select matches based on your preferences, so we can assure you that all potential partners match your brand or project.

Whenever & wherever

You will receive a personal account on our matching platform. If necessary, you can also share your brand or content form with other people involved in your project. You can use Famework whenever you need: our online tool is always available, no matter where you are. The matches you get are always up-to-date, so you only see relevant connections.

All in one spot

Famework gathers marketeers, content creators and agencies in one spot. Our platform will show you all potential cooperations for your brand or content in one clear overview. You will receive a weekly update so you don’t have to miss a thing. Did you make a deal through Famework? Our platform will keep track of everything you do.

Our partners


Would you like to be in control of the content partnerships you engage in? Famework will connect you to potential cooperations that can help you to put your brand in the spotlights. Curious about the matches for your brand?


Would you like to add more value to your content through brand partnerships? Famework matches audiovisual productions, sports, events, festivals, personalities and more with fitting brands. Want to discover which partners we can find for you?