Generation Z is for marketeers a target group difficult to reach. Those born between 1996 and 2015 are purposefully looking for content. This generation is known to be very fussy, expects quality above all else and cares a lot about social values. The last few years, marketeers have been looking for the Holy Grail: they start a quest to reach and captivate this critical audience.

Generation Z is very determined

In 2021 the consumer chooses brands that reflect their social values and interests. For Generation Z this is rather the rule than the exception. At a young age they have already defined important standards and values that determine to a great extent the choices they make. Take the young climate activists such as Greta Thunberg and Anuna De Wever, for example. Gen Z has a vision, stands up for personal values and connects with groups, companies and brands that match them.

To appeal to Generation Z, a brand must be more than a product with a good logo, a catchy name, and an original marketing campaign. Young people only support a brand if the DNA of that brand matches their personality. You do not draw their attention with advertising but with actions and statements. In recent years, the multinationals P&G and Unilever have been focusing on sustainability and inclusion which are issues that really effect Generation Z. P&G got rid of the Venus-logo on the Always packaging after complaints of transgender activists. Unilever increasingly concentrates on vegetarian products and has therefore sold the brand Chicken Tonight in 2019.

Generation Z is everywhere

However, generating qualitative content and picking the right themes is not enough if you want to surprise young people so they notice you. If you want their attention, it is a matter of ‘the right place at the right time’. They jump from one platform or medium to another. Therefore, a marketeer should create an account on platforms such as TikTok, Twitch and YouTube. Also, games and Esports gain more significance with the younger generations.

Nevertheless, Gen Z still relates to traditional content. Events and sports remain popular in every generation. Audio-visual content scores high as well, but not through conventional channels. The flexibility of streaming platforms and TV on demand mainly appeals to Millennials and Generation Z. While traditional advertising is declining, the need for product placement and branded content increases.

These non-intrusive forms of advertising are considered by the younger generation as increasingly effective. Several surveys with Generation Z and Millennials show that they rather prefer product placement and branded content to traditional advertising on the condition that the integration looks natural. The brands DNA is all about fitting the content and – very important – the consumer’s values. Only on these terms will the marketeer get and hold the attention of Gen Z.

Famework matches brands with the correct content for each target group, so also for Generation Z. Our wide-ranging content promotes, among other things, the personalities this generation admires and the lifestyle books they fancy. Audio-visual hits such as the motion picture Bittersweet Sixteen and the series #LikeMe and WTFock are a selection of our large choice of content. Please contact us and you will find the perfect match for your project!