"Where and how do we spot brands willing to assist financially?” production houses and other content makers asked themselves. Two years ago, this was the trigger question for Famework, to start an online matching platform that matches brands and content creators more efficiently and focused. The meaning of the word ‘brand’ is obvious, but who exactly are these content creators?

Content makers are people or entities who develop or create, along with a broader audience, shared content. That content can have different formats, both on and offline. A maker can on the one hand write or produce content, but on the other hand also organize small or large-scale projects or events.

Importance of brand integration

Brand new TV or streaming series, challenging (sports) events, trendy festivals and sparkling theatre or comedy shows, are no mean achievements. Financial investments are necessary for content creators to implement productive content or projects. Partnerships are often the solution.

Within those partnerships, brand integration has gained an increasingly crucial role in the marketing mix of brands the last few years. Content creators, in turn, see it as an important source of funding. Remarkably, brand integration is particularly noticeable in the rapidly changing international TV landscape, a trend that continues to gain importance worldwide. Other content producers are also increasingly anticipating tendency. For example, we watch deferred TV whenever and wherever we want, and we have the option of binge-watching top series.

Famework follows that trend and believes in the increasing role of brand integration. Although it can be a structural source of revenue for them, experienced content creators find the search for right partners a time-consuming and complex task. Existing partnerships are under increasing pressure, due to the current pandemic. The pursuit for new and much-needed partners is more challenging than ever. According to WRAC's report Global Ad Trends: The State of the Industry 2020/21, 2020 was the worst year ever for traditional media, with advertising investments dropping to $63 billion or minus 10.2% worldwide.

With this matching platform, Famework brings together demand and supply. In the context of additional funds, we can easily match content makers with brands looking for a refreshing alternative for traditional advertising for their target audience. A win-win situation.

Five types of content makers, one single network

Famework combines five different types of content in one extensive network. 

Famework works with a team of people who have been active in the audio-visual sector and the performing arts. These connections with production houses and television channels constitute a rich portfolio exemplifying a variety of opportunities for brand integration. The fact that Loïc wears a’ Lee’ shirt in his cooking programme ‘Loïc: Zot van koken‘ on the VTM channel is no longer a coincidence. It proves that this clothing brand is actively and consciously looking to create as much brand awareness as possible. 

The content type ‘live’ includes concerts, (theatre)performances, comedy shows, opera and ballet, festivals, musicals, so, all productions and organisations that go live. Due to the pandemic these content makers are forced to turn to a digital version which also requires partnerships. 

The world of sports is ever changing. Even in current circumstances, sports organisers develop creative alternatives such as e-sports and podcasts as an alternative of cancelled projects and events. Moreover, the sports sector offers several partnership opportunities. There is for instance football club ‘Club Brugge’ that advertises itself with Club Media House as a media company, creative agency as well as a production house to use its own content to the maximum and to gratify the associated commercial partners.

There are several options to apply traditional advertising techniques in print media. The recent success of lifestyle books creates quite some fresh potential for brand integration. Consider a healthy cookbook with recipes made with olive oil of Bertolli or Casa Astrid, or a Mini Cooper driving through Europe in a tempting travel guide. The advantage of brand integration in non-fiction literature is that an active and engaged target market is within reach.  

Famework classifies the last section ‘personality’ as people who outshine in one of the above content types. The focus is purposely not on influencers, but on VIP’s or celebrities. “How can a person be a content item?” We select quantitative and long-term partnerships between a celebrity and a brand, based on shared values and interests. A substantive match facilitates a natural or creative integration of the brand in line with the celebrity’s occupations.

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