After a six-month test period, the matchmaking platform for brand integration of the Ghent based start-up Famework, is fully up and running. The company has closed deals with three brands for the very first Streamz Original series Déjà-Vu. This allowed producer Fobic Films to find the necessary funding. "This successful partnership proves that Famework fills a gap in the market. With our platform, we provide a successful marriage between brands and entertainment producers," says Pieter Dewinter of Famework.

Famework was founded in 2019. The start-up was an initiative of Pieter Dewinter and Tom Notte. They also founded Flanders Tax Shelter, the market leader in Flanders for tax-favourable investments in audio-visual and stage productions.

“The financing of productions has been under pressure for years. We establish a decline in traditional advertising spending in favour of 'inclusive advertising', where brands are integrated into films, series and events," according to Pieter Dewinter. “

They then developed a platform that brings brands and content makers together to make brand and product integration more efficient. "Brand integration is not new. The British Aston Martin in the first James Bond films, was suddenly dumped in favour of a flash BMW in 1995 in 'Goldeneye'. Whereas in the past this was rather the exception, this way of advertising has rather become the norm."

“Famework must not only be the reference for audio-visual and stage productions, but also for brand integrations at festivals and sporting events, in books and in co-operation with celebrities. After all, we want to offer brands multiple services, a one-stop shop, says Tom Notte.

First successful matches in Corona crisis

The platform offers a solution, especially in this Corona crisis. Streaming services, such as the Flemish Streamz, gain great popularity and the demand for alternative sources of income from producers and media companies increases. "This pandemic has only accelerated the evolution of the sector towards such sponsorship and product placement deals. At a time when the cultural, events and entertainment sector is under pressure and is forced to reinvent itself, collaboration and co-financing are more crucial than ever to survive," Pieter Dewinter continues.

The past few months, Famework had its platform tested by 55 trademarks (brands) and 68 productions (content). “On the basis of interesting feedback, we have fine-tuned the technical aspect of the platform and optimised the underlying algorithms. The first co-operation is now a fact. Déjà-vu, starring the actress Natali Broods on Streamz, is a fiction series based on the Canadian series ‘Plan B’. Fobic Films, well-known from Hasta La Vista and Resurrection, found three companies that put their shoulders to the project.”

“Thanks to Famework, Fobic Films found the right partners to finance Déjà-Vu”

Mariano Vanhoof, Fobic Films

The foreign market is eyeing

These are uncertain times for producers. Just before the tightening of the Corona measures, the last scenes could be recorded. "It was not only a challenge to realise this project, given the current circumstances, but it was also a must to find additional sources of financing. Fruitful collaborations with brand partners have played a crucial role, now and in the future," according to Mariano Vanhoof, Managing Director of Fobic Films.

After these first successful matches, the start-up has every reason to seek opportunities abroad and operate internationally. "Several studies confirm the immense growth forecast for brand integration and product placement as the new approach of advertising from 2021 onwards. Today, a huge potential for brand integration remains unexploited. The demand does not just come from multinationals and advertising or media agencies, but also from the many small and medium-sized companies that want to use their marketing budgets as efficiently as possible. We want to seize this momentum to roll out Famework internationally," concludes Tom Notte of Famework.

The news channel ‘Kanaal Z’, put Famework in the picture. Watch the news report via this link:

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