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Brand awareness in de roaring 20s


More and more consumers take control over the commercials they are watching. They install ad blockers and look for content via ad-free channels such as the ad-free Netflix or Streamz. The ever-growing desire for privacy raises the criticism of personalised ads based on personal data. In short: brands are having a hard time to reach their target market via traditional advertising.

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Your brand in the spotlights


Do you want to put your brand in the limelight? Is the idea of a platform that matches your brand with the best content(maker) music to your ears? The matching platform of Famework connects demand and supply and offers brand marketeers an efficient tool to find the matching content. Which brand information do you need and what is the role of Famework?

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Content(makers) reviewed


"Where and how do we spot brands willing to assist financially?” production houses and other content makers asked themselves. Two years ago, this was the trigger question for Famework, to start an online matching platform that matches brands and content creators more efficiently and focused. The meaning of the word ‘brand’ is obvious, but who exactly are these content creators?

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