How do I start working with Famework?

Your information

Do you wish to submit your content on our platform? Your account will be tailored to your needs, so we must sit down and talk. During this first meeting, you will meet your permanent contact at Famework and we will visualize what you are looking for and what you have to offer.


Submit content

Now you can access the platform. Submit your content by adding a description of your project and filling in the criteria by which you will be matched. Your matches will immediately understand what your content is about.


Our matching engine starts

The algorithms of our matching engine will generate some relevant matches based on your input of these criteria. There will be enough similarities with each matching brand, so you can build your partnership on a solid foundation.


Start the conversation

The platform will tell you the number of potential matches for your content. You will be contacted via the platform as soon as a brand would like to learn more about your content. If you have any questions about your matches, you can send us a message in your account.


Start a co-operation

Can you come to a deal? Famework offers you the possibility to involve extra partners that need to be involved in the decision process. Your creative partner, director, organization or broadcaster can join on the platform and think along to reach a successful brand integration. You can follow the progress of all deals in the platform.


Are you looking for a partner to expand your content through product placement, brand integration or sponsoring?

Ask for a demo so we can show you how the platform works and what the impact is for you.

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