During the summer of 2021, young families could enjoy an original experience at a bivouac camp at the premises of Alden Biesen castle. Around the castle, children learned all about knighthood with the animating ‘Sir Mouse’ character. Thanks to ‘Filou & Friends’ they could fabricate their own, personalised knight costume tunic.

In 2020, the animation studio ‘Fabrique Fantastique’ pushed its own boundaries and organised a first bivouac camp dedicated to one of its most popular animation series. ‘Sir Mouse’, also widely known abroad, is a series for 3- to 8-year-olds and breaks through the gender stereotypes: “Knights can also be girls!” At the bivouac camp, playing and romping around was lots of fun! This was the perfect match for Filou & Friends. 

Filou & Friends designs clothes for children from 0 to 10 years. The core standards are durability, quality, and ecology. Along with ‘Fabrique Fantastique’ they focus on the position of children and gender equality. Fabric leftovers of Filou & Friends became sturdy knight tunics in which children could play forever. This partnership emphasizes durability, sustainability and creativity which is a perfect start of a close and long-term co-operation.