The Flemish streaming platform Streamz has found in Famework a partner for brand integration. The ad-free platform provides its viewers with existing Flemish and international productions and extends its offer with own films and series. Famework guides Streamz and its producers to integrate brands in these Streamz Originals to generate additional revenue through advertisers.

Since September 2020, the Flemish television landscape has acquired a new platform. The brand-new streaming site Streamz could be launched through a co-operation of three Flemish broadcasting groups DPG, SBS and VRT. The platform is the local answer to the many international streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime. Above all, Streamz presents Flemish series and films with as motto ‘Da’s van onz’ (‘That’s ours’). This offer is supplemented with a selection from the HBO-catalogue, so it is ‘Home of HBO’ as well. The result is a balanced mix between existing Flemish content, international top players, and spanking new Streamz Originals.

The success of Netflix changed our viewing behaviour.  More and more television viewers are now shifting from linear or digital television to one or more streaming apps. Streaming services have an increasing number of subscribers whereas linear television is decreasing in its popularity. Advertisers establish that there target audience is spread across the several platforms. Besides, Streamz is, as many of its peer competitors, ad-free, making it even more difficult to reach the target viewers. 

Partnerships and brand placement are solutions both for streaming services and advertisers. The latter can reach the target public by appearing in the content of Streamz. Producers generate extra funds to partially finance their projects through such integrations. Famework helps them find one another. All Streamz-productions are matched via Famework with compatible brands. The fiction series Déjà-Vu was as Streamz Original a first success story. The De’Longhi, SYM and JBL brands were subtly integrated in this successful series and are therefore reaching a large part of their target viewers.