The American reality competition television series ‘Tough As Nails’ now runs for the third season. After the huge success, this format is also launched in Europe. In the autumn of 2021, Belgium will premiere the new competition thanks to the entertainment producer ‘Fremantle’. This challenging and tough television series asks for sturdy brands, such as Dassy, Safety Jogger and Crelan.

In ‘De Sterkste Handen’ 10 women and men compete in several merciless challenges, both individually and in group. They are tested for their strength, endurance, and mental toughness in undertakings at various locations.

The competitors are equipped with professional workwear: the clothing brand ‘Dassy’ produces a collection of high-quality workwear, and ‘Safety Jogger’ has shoe solutions for every workplace. The candidates not only look like professionals but are also very well protected while performing relentless tests. The banking institution ‘Crelan’ is a perfect match and shares the same values as the competitors and the target audience of this programme. The woman or the man who wins this contest receives a financial reward into their personal account via their renewed banking app. 

‘De Sterkste Handen’, along with our partners Crelan, Dassy and Safety Jogger, pays tribute to hard working people who keep the country running. Three strong brands joining forces with the candidates constitute the basis for a thrilling programme with enthusiastic viewers.