The Bioracer brand is widely known in cycle-racing. At the Olympics in Tokyo, the Belgian cycling talents could show off the innovative cycling jerseys of a Belgian brand. Bioracer also designs running gear and the documentary ‘De Nacht van Vlaanderen’ (’The night of Flanders’) was the perfect match.

In this Flemish documentary, reporter Ruben Van Gucht brings the extraordinary story of ultra-runner Jean-Paul Praet. At the occasion of this ‘De Nacht van Vlaanderen’ event in Torhout, Praet broke in 1986 the world record dash over a 100 kilometres distance. Despite this top performance, the world record today is in the name of the Japanese Japanner Kazami with a time of 6 h 09 min 14 sec, which is 6 minutes slower than Praet’s record in 1986 (6 h 03 min 51 sec).

The ‘De Nacht van Vlaanderen’ tells this captivating story 35 years later. Van Gucht is in search for rehabilitation for Praet, who achieved this extraordinary accomplishment in 1986. Due to his high-quality sports gear, Bioracer is a big sponsor of Belgian top performances. Therefore, this brand had to be highlighted in the documentary. In this film ‘De Nacht van Vlaanderen’, Jean-Paul Praet takes a trip down memory lane along the track in a Bioracer jersey. This was an ideal occasion for Bioracer to promote their less known running apparel to the wide sports audience.