About us

Famework is a team of professionals active in the audio-visual sector and the field of performing arts. Production companies but also other content makers are asking us time and again where and how to find brands for financial support. At the same time, we notice that the importance of brand integration is increasing and that brands are strongly interested in brand integration (such as product placement or sponsoring). They just don’t know where to start. In short, there is no efficient and effective system to bring brands and content makers together.

One network

Famework integrates demand and supply. Brands that wish to put their product in the spotlight come side by side with the content makers who can offer an environment in which these brands can be addressed. We do this cross-station and -sectoral. An entire network in one spot.

Smart algorithm

However, Famework is more than a tool where content and brands meet. Algorithm saves you time and money. Thanks to your input of detailed criteria, relevant matches are found. No need to scroll for hours looking for a partner you can have a future with.

Guidance and counselling

Once you have found matches, we will help you to get a professional deal and develop a successful collaboration. Along with the brands we analyse the matches and make a first selection. Does the match have a future? If so, we bring you in contact with one another. After a match is established, our team will remain at your disposal for any questions or support with the negotiations.