About us

Our expertise

Famework consists of a team of professionals who have been active in the audio-visual and performing arts industries for years. Production houses and other content creators keep on asking: ‘Where and how do we find brands that want to join in financially?'

At the same time, we see that brand integration gains importance worldwide. Marketeers are keen to find alternatives to increase brand awareness for their product and find a solution in product placement, partnerships or sponsoring.

Therefore, Famework, as the first one in the industry, has developed an online solution for both parties by using a matching platform. This Famework platform is a great tool for marketeers to easily and quickly find the content that matches the brand they represent. Content creators then have convenient access to the brands that are relevant to their projects. As a result, they have more time to develop their project.

Our matchmakers

The Famework-platform consists of an enthusiastic team of matchmakers with experience in the media-, marketing- and entertainment sector. Thanks to this expertise and know-how, Famework has the right background to offer partnerships, sponsoring and brand integration. Our platform has the support of an offline team to provide a personal approach. As a result, we can be flexible and consequently contribute ideas for any brand and any content creator.

Our mission

It is our mission to connect brands and content creators through a matching platform.

We believe that brand integration gains significance and therefore we wish to facilitate the search for qualitative partnerships. Our matching platform automatises the process from match to deal. Therefore, our users have the time and the space to develop relevant co-operations. In other words, we are, both for brands and content creators (and their partners), an open-minded and reliable partner. They also receive the support they need for this match- and dealmaking process.

We are matchmakers. We are dealmakers.
We are Famework.

Our approach

When brands and creators have entered their data, our matching engine can start his search. Clever algorithms from our ‘engine’ apply the inserted parameters to find the perfect match between content and brand.

The recipe of our matching engine is a closely guarded secret. In other words, it is constantly tested and updated so that all matches resulting from it can initiate a successful collaboration.

Our name

Through brand integration we present a brand or product to the right target group. Moreover, the appropriate content gives the brand more awareness or fame.

Through partnerships with brands, the content creator gets the necessary tools and support to introduce more creativity and quality in his/her operation. 

The .io in our URL? Meaning: your Input in the platform and our Output in terms of qualitative matches!

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